Montenegro Youth Orchestra

About Us

Montenegro Youth Orchestra was founded in 2018 as an independent body of AYAMN. As the first proffessional assembly of youth in Montenegro, the Orchestra has amog its members the best young Montenegrin musicians. The base of the Orchestra is made up of Montenegrin artists who have continued their musical journey in European countries. The Orchestra's repertoire includes compositions from the erliest periods to contemporary art music. Every year, as part of the seasonal repertoire, audiences are presented with the best young soloists. The Montenegro Youth Orchestra puts emphasis on promoting contemporary art music in Montenegro.
Montenegro youth orchestra is a member of European Orchestra Federation since 2019.


In the first year of operating, the Orchestra has marked multiple performances, where they played pieces from world renowned music as well as Montenegrin contemporary music. The fusion of drama action and music, as well as performance make for the experimental part of our creativity which we've performed in multiple shows during 2018. In 2019, the orchestra performed at the closing of the Young Artists Festival 19. Montenegro Youth Orchestra, since its beginnings, has marked collaborations with The European Coouncil, The European Commission, Ministry of Culture in Montenegro, Crnogorska Komercijalna Bank, Ryana Group, Airways Aviation, Montenegrin Counties and more.